About Soo

Each taste is an original creation by Soo.

We love fruits and we know fruits. That is why you can enjoy each sip of Soo with so much satisfaction. Good news, Soo contains 50% less sugar than classic sodas!

Soo clear cans

Flavoured sparkling water in transparent cans are not only innovative, they are bold. Without colouring agent, Soo fruity sodas have nothing to hide! Slightly carbonated, our sodas are perfect to accompany your meals. So refreshing that you can enjoy them anytime of the day and the night. Available in 6 references, Soo fruity waters are packed in 330 ml PET transparent cans, free of bisphenol A.

Fruity splash by Soo

A wide choice of beverage, with fruity ice tea, juiced carbonated drinks and still juicy beverage. We created this original and audacious collection for fruit lovers. Each sip is like bitting in a fresh fruit, and you will love this sensation !

Packed in 500 ml PET bottle, you can easily move out with them or share with friends. Tasty and fresh way to socialize !